One of the strongest characteristics of Japanese cuisine is the richness of flavours, the presence of strong colours in each dish, the combination of different textures that, although antagonistic, can create one of the most delicious symbioses full of history.

At IKEDA we go back to our Japanese origins, favouring the eclecticism of Japanese cuisine without ever neglecting tradition.

Our premise is to focus on quality and simplicity, always highlighting the flavour and freshness of our ingredients.


Being passionate about something helps us move mountains and that’s the case for our Chef, Agnaldo Ferreira, a passionate lover of Japanese culture and gastronomy who has always dedicated himself to the art with a very defined purpose: to show Brazil, his country of origin, the exquisite quality of the sushi he prepares, managing to make people fall in love with his creations for over 20 years now.

His complete dedication and ambition made him want to expand his horizons, spread his knowledge beyond borders and cross the Atlantic Ocean towards Lisbon and, later, Oporto where he settled and began to spread his craftsmanship in various restaurants specialized in Japanese cuisine through which he managed to conquer more and new appreciators.

After several years living in Portugal, Chef Agnaldo encounters a gap that he promises to fill with the opening of IKEDA: the creation of a space specialized in sushi and quality Japanese cuisine.

His multiple trips to Japan gave him the necessary experience to become one of the best chefs specialized in sushi that Portugal’s had the privilege to know and host.

We Are Food Allergy-Friendly

Our concern for your well-being and your experience at IKEDA is of great value to us.
That is why our staff took part in the 1st edition of the Course on Food Allergies in Restaurants, Hotels and Tourism, run by lecturers from the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences, from the University of Porto, which prepared each of them with the necessary skills to provide excellent service to customers with food allergies.
At IKEDA we wish for you to feel at home, safe and comfortable.